Ben ik te vertrouwen? Je moet mij niet geloven. Dit is wat anderen over mij zeggen:

Adham Elshahabi, ADHAMOX (programmeur)

“Jan is a very trust worthy and gentleman business partner. Open-minded and has superb communication manners. I love working with him and will be always interested in any work we can do together.” (via LinkedIn)

Peter T’Hooft, INXCO (klant en zakenpartner)

“Jan is one of the most promising young professionals I’ve met lately. He listens clearly, expands his network and understands the importance of teamwork. He is someone to keep track of.” (via LinkedIn)

Shahways Romani, INSITES (projectmanager tijdens Insites/TradeDoubler samenwerking)

“Jan is a dedicated partner, who was there when needed and always managed our relationship with a proactive and problem-solving attitude. Thanks to Jan’s involvement in our project at Tradedoubler’s end, a lasting relationship has been built up, and new strategic opportunities were created. Therefore I wish him all the best with his future ventures!” (via LinkedIn)

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